How to protect your privacy with a click-to-call link

ThisCallButton let you create a click to call link give out to unknown contacts so that you can keep your personal number private. We look at how these links work, when you should consider using one, and how to evaluate them.

Having a click to call link, is like having a second SIM in your phone. You can you can receive calls with your existing phone number, and the caller does not need to know your real phone number. However, instead of having to buy a second SIM and register your name and address, a click to call link uses your existing phone numbers and keep your phone number private.

How a click to call link works?

All click to call links use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. However, unlike other VoIP services, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype, a click to call link does not require an app to be installed on any parties of callers and the call recipients.

Once you sign up on, you will be able to create click to call links as many as you want and transfer these calls to your existing phone numbers. When someone click the links to call you, you will receive calls on your existing phone numbers and the caller does not have any ideas what is your phone number.

Even these links using VoIP, you will no need to have your data plan or be connected to a WiFi hotspot for them to work, only the callers need to have the internet access, because these link are open in a web browser.

Try a click to call link now: Alien Attack Report

What are benefits using a click to call links?

Other than what we said above, a click to call link 100% protects your privacy from being leak of your real number. In many cases we need to give out our phone numbers to a sales, a customer service agent or other unknown contacts to keep them have a channel to contact you as their need to followup your cases for short team or long term.

Once we give out our numbers, there is a high possibility that we will be bomb up with SMS and calls for unwanted advertisements, promotions and other things, some companies may even sell your phone number to a third party organization.

So except protecting your private phone number, what other benefits do we have by having a click to call link?

  • Call recordings – to keep your rights, have a chance to play back what the caller said, even for legal purposes.
  • Voice mail – when you miss the call, the caller is able to leave a message to you.
  • Greetings to caller – you are able to leave short text messages on the caller interface, for example, you can say “This link is for bla bla purpose only”.
  • Flexibilities – you can delete or deactivate the links whenever you want.

Click to call – caller interface example

Once you have your click to call links, you are able to send this links to the caller by SMS, emails, and you can even every easily embed these link to your email signatures or your personal websites.


Sharing your personal phone number can put sensitive personal information and your accounts on certain applications at risk. Thus, sharing a click to call link or temporary phone numbers with unknown individuals or new contacts is a good way to protect your privacy. A click to call link that has a responsible data policy can keep your personal phone number private and contribute to your overall data security.

– by ThisCallButton Team

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